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    Desert Star comic online

    Desert Star

    Desert Star Comic
    Name:Desert Star
    Author:Stephen Desberg
    Year of Release:2018

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    Our story starts in Washington, 1870. Matthew Montgomery has an important post at the Ministry of Defense. Hes rather an inflexible man who always respects the rules, which is why he warned his daughter, Helen, not to leave with that idiot, Glover. Of course, she did it anyway, and now she wants to come back and expects to be pardoned. But when Matthew arrives home the night of his Helens return, he opens the door to find his wife and daughter slaughtered in the hallway, and a strange star engraved on his daughters breast. His whole life is turned upside down. Traumatized, he starts out on the trail of the killers, with just one clue to help him on his way: a name - Jason Cauldry, from Topeka. Matthew wants to know why some stranger came such a long way just to etch that damn star onto his daughters body, so he sets off on a long journey, crossing the Appalachian mountains and the Mid-West, all the way to Topeka. But what will he find there?

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