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    Flash Comics comic online

    Flash Comics

    Flash Comics Comic
    Name:Flash Comics
    Author:Ed Wheelan, Gardner Fox, John B. Wentworth
    Year of Release:2018

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    DC shattered the sound barrier with the debut of the Flash, a blindingly fast mystery man written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Harry Lampert. University researcher Jay Garrick gained amazing speed after inhaling the vapors of "hard water" and donned a costume featuring a winged helmet inspired by the god Mercury. Unlike most super heroes, Jay revealed his secret identity to his girlfriend, Joan Williams. In the same issue Gardener Fox wrote the first story featuring Hawkman, who wore a hawk's head helmet and a winged harness that allowed him to fly. In a story drawn by Dennis Neville, antiquities collector Carter Hall realized he was the reincarnation of Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt, and located the modern day resurrection of his lost love Shiera while fighting his nemesis Hath-Set. Flash Comics scored a third hit with Johnny Thunder, star of a humorous feature about a boy raised in the distant land of Badhnisia and blessed with the ability to raise an all powerful, genie-like Thunderbolt upon saying the words "Cei-U." Because the phrase sounded similar to "Say you" in English, the dim-witted but good-natured Johnny Thunder often accidentally summoned the Thunderbolt to comic effect.

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