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    Harbinger (1992) comic online

    Harbinger (1992)

    Harbinger (1992) Comic
    Name:Harbinger (1992)
    Author:David Lapham
    Year of Release:2018

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    ARE YOU DIFFERENT...? So begins the classified ad placed in newspapers worldwide by the Harbinger Foundation. Thousands of troubled young people respond every day. Most are merely suffering the pain, anxiety and alienation of growing up. A few, however, are different, indeed-- harbingers of a new age, possessors of powers of the mind that can be awakened, developed, honed...and used. Harbinger founder Toyo Harada intends to change the world for the better-- even if it occasionally takes extreme measures. To make an omelet, one must break eggs.... When Peter Stanchek, a harbinger of frightening potential rebels, he and the ragtag renegades he recruits find themselves at war against Harada and his Eggbreakers. Extreme measures taken by both sides sometimes beg the question who is worse more than who is right.

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