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    Infinity War comic online

    Infinity War

    Infinity War Comic
    Name:Infinity War
    Author:Jim Starlin
    Year of Release:2018

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    When evil dopplegangers of the Marvel heroes appear, it's all-out war! Why has Magus unleashed them on an unsuspecting world? And is the heroes only hope...Thanos?!
    All over the universe an incredible energy is sensed and no one can make sense of it, but they all know it is a danger to reality itself. Thanos leaves the planet he has inhabited since the Infinity Gauntlet. Galactus meets with Eternity. Reed Richards begins to make calculations. Doctor Doom begins to forge a plan to obtain this power.
    Thanos finds the source of the power and marvels at it. He is soon met by the Magus. But, Thanos has changed.
    He now realizes the power he once possessed was not meant for beings such as himself and the Magus. Magus then shows him a glimpse of the doppelgangers he has created to defeat those who would oppose him and sends Thanos back to his dimension. Thanos realizes he will require assistance to stop the Magus' threat to reality.
    Meanwhile, some of the doppelgangers have made it to Earth and found their counterparts. Some are defeated, some are not. Mr Fantastic realizes the scope of this threat and organizes a meeting, calling upon the Avengers, the X-Men, the Avengers West Coast, X-Factor, Alpha Flight and the New Warriors.
    Galactus makes a plan to obtain the help of a mage. Doctor Doom forges an alliance with Kang to steal this power. And finally, Thanos arrives to seek the help of Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch.

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