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    KING! (2010) comic online

    KING! (2010)

    KING! (2010) Comic
    Name:KING! (2010)
    Author:Thomas Hall
    Year of Release:2018

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    Get set for a hunka‟ hunka‟ burnin‟ fun as KING! does what he does best: kill monsters! The former pro wrestler-turned-bounty hunter bears more than a striking resemblance to a certain King of Rock n Roll. All he wants is a whole day of nuthin‟. All he gets is a talkin‟ heart in the mail... and the tale the heart tells is nothing short of epic! Can KING! simultaneously save the local Blubber Tubber Burger joint from an un-dead infestation and satisfy his hunger for a peanut butter banana burrito with bacon? The latest project from R-13 creators Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford explodes onto the scene like a TV set blown to bits by a shotgun!
    Former wrestler turned bounty hunter King receives a request for his services from a mysterious being to save the world from bloodthirsty zombies.

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