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    Madwoman of the Sacred Heart comic online

    Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

    Madwoman of the Sacred Heart Comic
    Name:Madwoman of the Sacred Heart
    Author:Alexandro Jodorowsky
    Year of Release:2018

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    The comedic and ironic misadventures of a confused Philosophy professor on the path to spiritual awakening. Alan Mangel has it all. As a popular Philosophy Professor at the world famous Université de La Sorbonne, he is wealthy, married and academically acclaimed. On his sixtieth birthday, however, Alan’s life will crumble as Elisabeth, a beautiful young student, claims she received a vision from God that he is to impregnate her with the second-coming of John the Baptist. As Alan gives himself up to the wild forces bullying him through life, he engages on a spiritual journey that challenges his very reality. Everything once true is proven to be false. Everything once false is proven to be true. One of the most compelling and personal works by legendary international comics superstars Moebius and Alexandro Jodorowsky ( The Incal ).

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