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    Samurai Slasher comic online

    Samurai Slasher

    Samurai Slasher Comic
    Name:Samurai Slasher
    Author:Mike Garley
    Year of Release:2018

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    The Samurai Slasher - Based on the 80s movie that never was, we watch as a somewhat generic group of youths encounter the Samurai Slasher for the very first time on what was meant to be a sordid spring break getaway.The Secret Origins of the Samurai Slasher - From his deathbed, an old man tells the nurse, who is standing vigil, about the legendary Samurai Slasher''s origin and the part he played in his resurrection. We get to see the Samurai as he fights to defend a tiny village in feudal Japan.The Exhibition of the Samurai Slasher - The Samurai is exhibited for the general public. It''s not long before the Samurai breaks free from his display case ''prison'' and gets vengeance against those who imprisoned him.The Decimation of the Samurai Slasher - The Samurai''s antics have caught the attention of the army who want to put an end to his menace once and for all.

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