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    Unknown Soldier (1997) comic online

    Unknown Soldier (1997)

    Unknown Soldier (1997) Comic
    Name:Unknown Soldier (1997)
    Author:Garth Ennis
    Year of Release:2018

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    The Unknown Soldier is a character that first appeared back in 1966 in a series originally entitled Our Army At War which was basically Sgt. Rock's personal volume for the latter portion of its run. However, he made his own lengthy run in DC's Star Spangled War Stories, a volume that had began almost 15 years before the character's first appearance though it was in the early 70's that he took over it. After about a 50 issue run, in 1977 the series was renamed Unknown Soldier with issue 205 and so it remained until the series concluded with issue 268. Six years later a second volume was made, The Unknown Soldier which lasted for twelve issues. Many individuals however see this series as being non-canon as the Unknown Soldier is rather different from the original. This time the wait for another volume was eight years when Vertigo had Garth Ennis publish a four issue miniseries also entitled Unknown Soldier that focused upon a man trying to find out the truth about the Unknown Soldier. Most recently a fourth volume currently running came into print, Unknown Soldier, which focuses upon a new man fighting for Africa rather than America and during more recent years rather than World War II.

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