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    Weird War Tales (1971) comic online

    Weird War Tales (1971)

    Weird War Tales (1971) Comic
    Name:Weird War Tales (1971)
    Author:Robert Kanigher
    Year of Release:2018

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    With the Comics Code Authority relaxing its decades long stance on censoring the use of monsters and the undead in mainstream comics, DC placed an emphasis on the horror of combat with Weird War Tales. The hybrid genre series was hosted by death, who appeared in new military garb every issue to present gritty tales of combat with overtones of suspense, science fiction, and paranormal activity. Produced by a whos who of war comic greats, including series editor Joe Kubert, writer Robert Kanigher, and artists Alex Toth and Russ Heath, the series 124-issue run also introduced readers to cult favorites like the Creature Commandos.

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