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    Witchblade (1995) comic online

    Witchblade (1995)

    Witchblade (1995) Comic
    Name:Witchblade (1995)
    Author:Christina Z, David Wohl, Michael Turner
    Year of Release:2018

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    Police officer Sara Pezzini busts a group of drug dealers. While interrogating one of them she learns of a sinister party going on downtown. Later, at the party, Kenneth Irons, a man who has used illegal means to gain fame and fortune, is planning on giving away a powerful item called the Witchblade. He desires to find out who is the one worthy of it and to control both it and its wielder. Sara sneaks in to the party to find out whats going on, but unknown to her so does her partner, Michael. Michael is captured - Sara leaps to save him from being shot, but they both get hit by the hail of bullets. The Witchblade - seeing her heroism - latches on to her, saving her life and all its power goes to Sara Pezzini. It seems she was the one it sought.

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