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    Tank Girl Ongoing comic online

    Tank Girl Ongoing

    Tank Girl Ongoing Comic
    Name:Tank Girl Ongoing
    Author:Alan C. Martin
    Year of Release:2019

    Read Tank Girl Ongoing Comic Online

    Tank Girls first ongoing in 30 years! Original creator Alan Martin and fan-favorite artist Brett Pearson bring Tank Girl into a whole new era. The Tank Girl universe begins here. Explore the backstories and secrets behind the world of the post-apocalyptic punk icon. The origins of the mutant kangaroos and Booga himself, revealed in this first arc. Summer Holiday meets Damnation Alley. We get to invent a complex and detailed universe for Tank Girl and her friends to occupy, but it has to be done with humor, not in the generic style of a po-faced movie producer. Thirty years since she sprang to life, and now we find ourselves at the crack of a new dawn for Tank Girl. Characters and stories will carry more weight! More depth! And more stupidity! – Alan Martin.

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